1/. Footy Bonus Rules

If all of your 5 teams win all games in any round, and the highest score you will be eligible to win or share the Bonus Award, the Bonus Award is not available during the BYE Rounds and is payable at the end of the Competition. In the event of a player not winning all of their weekly games a countback will be conducted, with 4 wins and the highest score of the round, being the decider, etc Until a winner/s is found. A weekly scoretable will be publised in the newsletter on the “Bonus” progressive results.

Entrants name Round # Team.Score
5 Winners in any 1 Round Phil Shaw

Ferg Jackson

Greg Mighall

Peter Crowley

Rnd 1

Rnd 8

Rnd 9

Rnd 16





4 Winners and highest score of the round
3 Winners and highest score of the round